Hoop Poland


A significant water and soft-drink producer — Hoop Poland — needed data to improve the company’s management of marketing expenditures and provide an objective assessment of the efficiency of their sales strategy. Many entities offer pricing analyses, but most do not venture beyond market tests and consumer research. The market analysts who had previously cooperated with our client were unable to carry out the task, and media agencies did not meet the crucial requirement of objectivity. Additionally, the client wanted to implement an automated planning process based on sales and marketing data regarding their products and competitors.


4CF employed econometric modelling methods to decompose the relevant sales data. Based on the client’s own information, as well as competitive and media data purchased by the company, we developed algorithms that determined the relative importance of specific sales-affecting factors, including the weather (temperature) and the competitors’ marketing activity.


The results of the analysis showed the extent to which the client’s sales results had been affected by: seasonality, marketing, distribution, pricing and competition. The output of the study was corroborated by relevant data and allowed the company to predict the effects of production and marketing strategies. The client also received our proprietary software, the Precog, which can predict sales results based on several key variables for given scenarios.