Jurajska, Limited Liability Company


Faced with new strategic challenges, a large FMCG company asked 4CF to determine new trajectories for developing its products. Factors to be considered included the latest technological trends, the solutions already in use at the company and several of the client’s preliminary ideas.


The 4CF Matrix and the prototyping process were employed for the task. The preliminary ideas were displayed on the 4CF Matrix. Subsequently, alternative technological approaches were analysed: ones that would offer the most significant relative advantage to consumers but whose implementation was distant in time. Some of the solutions initially assessed as remote were modified and could, therefore, enter the client’s portfolio sooner.


The client received a verified set of innovative products and solutions. The time required for their implementation and the advantages from the consumers’ perspective were specified. The list contained all the products and solutions that displayed a potential to transform the market, including products based on the client’s own solutions and on competitive ones. 4CF’s input facilitated strategic decisions regarding the company’s directions of development and investments by providing extensive information about solutions that could increase the its strategic advantage. Furthermore, the prototypes of particularly promising solutions were modified so that the client could introduce them to the market ahead of competitors. As a result, the discussed company was able to shape trends and stay ahead of market forecasts.