Polish Association of Real Estate Developers

“Foundations of the Future”


The strategic environment for developers is changing dynamically, with the degradation of the macroeconomic environment, rising market expectations, competitiveness of construction technologies and advancing regulatory trends.

The Polish Association of Real Estate Developers (PZFD) is a platform for joint engagement and public-private dialogue to keep the development market healthy in these conditions. PZFD shares its practical and substantive knowledge with policy makers, the public and related organisations. A new area of expertise, increasingly needed in both strategic management, advocacy and marketing of developers, is long-term analyses of the future of the so-called Built Environment.

The role of developers in the economy and in shaping the future of cities is significant, which is why PZFD can speak about it with the clear voice of its member companies. Particularly at a time when the development industry is in a unique position due to the economic turbulence resulting from the pandemic, the inflation crisis, record low unemployment, wage growth and the effects of the war in Ukraine. Foresight is a tool to make such a voice resonate substantively, convincingly and attractively. That is why PZFD and Skanska Residential commissioned 4CF to conduct a foresight project on anticipated changes in the strategic environment of Polish property development companies and to prepare a relevant report.


As part of the work on the project, 4CF conducted 3 foresight workshops with the participation of experts and industry stakeholders and drew up 3 scenarios for the future of cities, taking into account particularly relevant thematic areas – environment, society, economic situation. In addition, 3 decision-making games were prepared for each scenario. Workshops were also held for dozens of participants during the Real Estate Developers Congress – the largest event of the real estate development industry in Poland. As a result of all the work, a report “Foundations of the Future” was prepared, containing three medium-term scenarios for the real estate development market in 2027. The report was presented to the media during a press conference with representatives of the local government and was promoted in the media by PZFD and Skanska Residential.


As a result of the work carried out, scenarios for the future of Polish cities were drawn up for the decision-makers, which were preceded by a series of expert workshops and analysis of existing strategies and reports on the subject, as well as the results of the workshops. 

The “Foundations of the Future” report, a useful source of knowledge in the context of planning investment and social projects in Polish cities, received a lot of interest from all real estate development market stakeholders.

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